February 22, 2017

The Prichards


I have met the lovely Prichards when they adopted Bicco from Cat Cafe Manila. They made such a great impression on me as they were the first adopters since the cafe opened and they have adopted a cat named Titan prior to Bicco. Titan and Bicco, and then after sometime Rocket, gave rise to the “Tabby Trio.” The family kept expanding and expanding, that a human baby girl also came into the scene. Now they have two boys and two girls.

This was an unforgettable shoot a week before Christmas. Bicco, as always, is a total ham. Titan is shy but he gave me the most poses. Rocket also liked hiding but I’m always game to seek pets even those under the bed. What a beautiful family through and through. Fact: It was actually David who turned Jeanna to become a cat lady. When she became one, she was unstoppable. Thus, the Tabby Trio. I hope you loved this set as much as I did.

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February 22, 2017


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