November 10, 2016

Increased Integrity


I was feeling a bit off-center that I didn’t know what to do except do an exercise and breathe some fresh air in the process. Fighter’s mom Wyto roams our garden and she’s very playful so I had loads of fun running around trying to catch her. She is a lot like her son Fighter with big expressive eyes with gorgeous ginger patches here and there. It was fun and I got to capture Wyto in her perfect state, fun-loving and beautiful as always. Wyto and Figthter gave me my mojo back.

Left and right I have been hearing about negative things happening in the industry. It was disheartened that some would play dirty in order to get ahead, and some offering the same services as Petograpiya. I entered this business and I am staying firmly with the desire to exalt our memories with our pets. We are all just having fun here and doing it with great love. I wish to dispel all the bad energy surrounding our beautiful community. I have met my best pals here and I hope to continue being a source of positive vibes and genuine love.

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November 10, 2016


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