March 5, 2017

Foster Play


When it rains it pours. February brought five ophaned, calico kittens to me. The two bigger kittens are Betty’s. Betty was a stray cat that I fed in the garden as she was suffering from frequent epileptic seizures. She passed in February and her kitties, Maldi and Chuyi, needed care as they threw up worms. They were then dewormed and treated for ear mites. The three smaller calicos were thrown into our garden (I swear it makes one lose faith in humanity). They were left hanging on to a tree, crying their hearts out with the sky warning us with days of rain. One month in isolation and they are doing well. I call them Team Bee. Team Bee is made up of Birdie, Beauty and Barbie. Team Betty and Team Bee finally met today after treatment. It was also their first time to have some playtime outside their crates. I really wish to find great homes for them. They deserve only the best.

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March 5, 2017


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