January 20, 2018

Changes and the year that was 2017


These pictures were taken when CC had to come to work with me when we only had a few cats at the cafe. CC being CC, she didn’t require anything to adapt to the new environment. She felt at home instantly. Sometimes I wish I was more like her.

The first months of 2017 presented this new job of managing the cafe. While it was a dream job from when the cafe started operating in 2015, it felt miles away from my comfort zone. I’m used to being a freelance photographer and handling a design business on my own. Nevertheless I embraced it wholeheartedly that I found myself broken a lot of times: crying in the middle of the night, crying midday at work when things got tough. I’ve also mastered crying in public transportation.

There were many things I needed to learn and I did try my best. Fortunately I was able to make all the necessary changes to improve the cafe experience again. The cats are all healthy now, the staff are well-cared for and the guests feel more at home.

I’m proud and thankful for this opportunity. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m giving too much. I lost quite a number of things along the way that I’m still healing from them. I love meeting new people, sharing stories with them and knowing that the CARA cats are well. I’m here because of CARA mostly.

I’m not to sure what the future holds but I really hope to give the best homes to my cafe babies. I’m happy to announce that Mark and Bunny are coming home with me. 11 cats to go.

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January 20, 2018


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