Save is very modern and in tune with the digital world. No need for USB and albums, just the edited files sent straight away via email a week after the shoot. Fast-paced, ready for sharing via social media and swooning. Save is very earth-friendly as well. Win-win.

Appreciate is best for the pet parents who want to see a physical album carefully placed on their coffee tables. Seeing the pictures on print is quite an experience. Some want to do yearly photoshoots and collecting cute albums is great for looking back through the years.

Celebrate is perfect for pet parties with twice the amount of hours. Celebrate can also be for pet parents with more than 4 pets. I won’t, however, stop the pet parent who just want the biggest package for his/her baby. Some even request an album as big as 12×12; packages may be modified and upgraded for your pleasure.


For further inquiries and bookings, kindly email gia@petograpiya.com. Let’s plan something cute.


*Prices published above are subject to change without prior notice. Reservation fees are non-refundable.