Adopt Me

The life of a pet owner does not come full circle until one becomes a foster parent. I have 10 cats and 1 bunny, if that is that an armful of mommy duties, I don’t know what is. So I have to be rational and know that adopting out these babies’ I’m fostering is best for them.

Adopting these pets will come with a lifetime yearly photoshoot which sort of means adopting me as well. I am one clingy foster mom, I must say. Unconditional love, responsible pet parenthood, indoor life and a merrily furry Instagram account so I (and the world) can continue swooning over them. Please let me know if you can provide these and in return, your best memories with your adopted pet is on the house forever.

WYTO - Female puspin; 2 years old; spayed.

adoptwyto025I  first saw her two years ago among the flower pots. A year later, still inside a flower pot, she gave birth to an odd-eyed male kitten. We just let strays stay in our garden and I was gutted to envision her little baby become another stray in the neighborhood. So I adopted Wyto’s baby, and I had her spayed through CARA’s Trap-Neuter-Return program. Wyto is now very healthy and carefree. Still, she currently lives in the garden and watches over my little patch of land that I call Booni’s Farm. She oversees everything outside. She also guards the door and taps on the arms of those who pass by her. She is a complete sweetheart and I cannot wait for her to find a furever home where she will keep her full figure. This one deserves to be the queen of the household, don’t you think?